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Dr. Seungmin Kathy Lee

Specialist - Korean Medicine

Dr. Seung Min Kathy Lee is a board-certified Korean Medicine Doctor (KMD) from Kyung Hee University College of Korean Medicine, with a board-certified specialist license in Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Korean Medicine.

Dr Lee’s main clinical interests focus on the integration of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping into modern healthcare. She is devoted to developing evidence to support its practices and is committed to advancing the science behind it. In her practice, she specializes in using Korean Medicine for preventive, adjunctive, and rehabilitative purposes alongside conventional medicine. Dr. Lee is an expert in managing musculoskeletal pain and neurological diseases with Korean Medicine, as well as boosting women’s wellness. During her time as a fellow and adjunct professor, she has authored more than thirty scientific research papers and co-authored several books about integrative Korean Medicine.

In addition to her role as the alternative medicine specialist at KMC, Dr. Lee is currently serving as a Head of Global Affairs in the Society of Korean Medicine, Head of Academic Affairs in the Association of Women Korean Medicine Doctors, and Council Member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. She’s committed to bringing the unique expertise of Korean Medicine to the region, providing personalized and holistic care to enhance the community’s well-being.

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