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About Our Center

Established in partnership with South Korea’s Limetree Dental Hospital, the KMC Dental Center is the most innovative and technologically advanced oral and dental care clinic in Qatar. We provide general and cosmetic dental care across our pediatric and adult units, with 14 treatment chairs for regular and specialized procedures.

All our units are equipped with the latest dentistry technologies that meet Limetree Hospital’s quality standards. Our treatment rooms are fitted with anesthesia capabilities to accommodate surgical cases without switching to an operating room.

For VIP visitors, our center offers you a designated concierge, luxury amenities and a hotel-style treatment room with a majlis and a private bathroom for your ultimate comfort.

Dental trauma can affect the functional and cosmetic state of your teeth. When this happens, your dentist might recommend dental implants as the main treatment procedure. The process of getting traditional implants, however, is tedious and time-consuming, leaving you in a stressful waiting period until you can confidently smile again.

At KMC, we bring you the globally acclaimed One Day Hollywood Smile procedure that delivers an immediate and flawless smile transformation in one day. You no longer have to wait 3 to 4 months to receive your implants. Depending on your condition, you can walk out with a non-permanent set of implants on the very same day of your appointment. These implants are 100% identical to the final permanent ones you’ll receive after 1 month.

The Process

This innovative procedure is made possible thanks to our pioneering dental laboratory that enables accurate, reliable, and rapid production of dental implants.

Your dentist will evaluate your teeth to determine what types of implants you can benefit from. During this consultation, you’ll also discuss the desired outcome regarding aesthetics and functionality. When you’re ready, our revolutionary laser technology will map your teeth and gums to create a model for your custom implants.

After making sure your implants are in perfect harmony with your existing structure, you’ll leave our center with a brand-new, confident smile that not only performs just as effectively as your real teeth but also enhances your overall appearance.

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  • - 1-Day Dental Implant
  • - Speed Orthodontics
  • - 1-Day Laminate
  • - Dental Spa
Dr. Aya Kamala
Specialist – Dentistry (General Practitioner)
Dr. Hala Elghaly
Specialist – Dentistry (General Practitioner)
Dr. Anand Kumar Sajnani
Specialist – Dentistry (Pediatrics)
Dr. Joanna Merheb
Specialist – Dentistry (Endodontist)
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