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Dr. Juneho Kang

Consultant – Family Medicine (Pain management, FIMS)

Dr. Junho Kang is a board-certified physician and researcher specializing in family medicine. Earning his master’s from KyungHee University in South Korea, he later went on to teach family medicine at Inje University. In addition to being a Korean board-certified member, he also served as a Vice Chairman of the Korean Association of Family Physicians, and as the Director of the national health screening department in the Korean Academy of Family Medicine.

His areas of clinical expertise focus on chronic pain management, namely Fluoroscopic Interventional Musculoskeletal Adhesiolysis and Nerve Stimulation, or FIMS, TPI, medical shockwave treatment, and prolotherapy. Dr. Kang has also published multiple research papers on various topics in the Korean Journal of Family Medicine over the years.

As the Consultant of Chronic Pain Management department at KMC, he will utilize his expertise to emphasize pain management in patient care and provide a more holistic approach to their healing journey.

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